MT-2 (Melanotan 2) and Naltrexone




Naltrexone is becoming increasingly well known for the major role it has played in the heroin epidemic. Naltrexone is able to reverse the effects of an opioid (e.g. heroin, OxyContin, etc.) overdose and can save lives. The drug is also well-known to reduce alcohol intake in both animals and humans, making it a potential treatment for alcoholism and binge-drinking disorders.


New animal research suggests that melanotan 2 (MT-2), a peptide that has been associated with increased skin pigmentation and sexual arousal, may augment the effects of naltrexone when it comes to reducing alcohol consumption. It works much like Sermorelin. This finding reinforces previous speculation that MT-2 and other melanocortin receptor agonists interact with opioid systems to modulate pain, drug tolerance, and food intake.


MT-2 Alcohol Effects


Naltrexone alone affects alcohol consumption only moderately, reducing drinking by a small percentage. MT-2 also has moderate effects when administered by itself in animal models, reducing ethanol consumption by about 20%. However, when MT-2 and naltrexone are combined, the effects are startling. In recent scientific animal studies, consumption of ethanol, even with low doses of MT-2 and naltrexone, is reduced by nearly eight-fold over what naltrexone or MT-2 alone can produce [1].


Further research in mice has indicated that the effects of MT-2 on alcohol consumption are most likely mediated by action at the melanocortin 4 receptor (MC4R) [2]. There are five known melanocortin receptors, each producing different properties when a molecule binds to them. MC4R has long been-associated with food intake, metabolism, and sexual desire. It is generally accepted that these effects are produced in the central nervous system, suggesting that melanocortins can directly influence behavior by influencing desire (e.g. increasing sexual desire while decreasing desire for food).


MT-2 Offers New Insight


The most recent scientific animal studies regarding melanotan 2, MT-2 and alcohol consumption are just months old. They are, however, the latest in a string of findings regarding MT-2 and behavior. The peptide works to modulate brain activity in a way that nothing ever has. It doesn’t just alter general levels of neurotransmitters, but targets specific neurotransmitters and specific neurons to affect specific types of behavior. MT-2 is expanding our conception of behavior and may open doors to the development of targeted medications that can finally provide behavior-specific modulation. The willpower answers may be just around the corner.




[1] M. Navarro, F. Carvajal, J. M. Lerma-Cabrera, I. Cubero, M. J. Picker, and T. E. Thiele, “Evidence that Melanocortin Receptor Agonist Melanotan-II Synergistically Augments the Ability of Naltrexone to Blunt Binge-Like Ethanol Intake in Male C57BL/6J Mice,” Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res., vol. 39, no. 8, pp. 1425-1433, Aug. 2015.

[2] J. J. Olney, G. M. Sprow, M. Navarro, and T. E. Thiele, “The protective effects of the melanocortin receptor (MCR) agonist, melanotan-II (MTII), against binge-like ethanol drinking are facilitated by deletion of the MC3 receptor in mice,” Neuropeptides, vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 47-51, Feb. 2014.

What Peptides Are and How They Work

A peptide is basically a compound comprising 2 or more amino acids. A carboxyl group of one amino acid is combined with an amino-group of another amino acid. Once a water molecule is eliminated, a peptide bond is formed. Simply put, peptides are basically small proteins. Anything with fewer than 50 amino acids is technically considered a peptide, though this isn’t the first rule.

Given that peptides are composed of amino acids, the intake and production of all amino acids is inarguably necessary for the production of all peptides needed for efficient working of the body. However, as we age and pass through various times of our lives with stress, different diets and physical changes, production of peptides and some essential amino acids is down-regulated.

Peptides have numerous functions in the human body, with some acting as neurotransmitters while others serve as hormones. Most of them usually control and influence how the human body reacts to physical exercise and diet.

Peptide supplementation is notably becoming quite common, and actually growing. This is largely attributed to the fact that peptides are digested and made use of more readily. This is so because they’re smaller and the body doesn’t have to break down larger protein molecules. In addition, peptides have been studied to be relatively more stable in the human body, and hence more beneficial than unstable amino acids which aren’t bonded.

Peptides are commonly used in the skin care industry, especially due to collagen production. Collagen comprises long amino acid chains bound by peptide bonds. Collagen breaks down as one ages, and these chains signal the body to begin making more collagen as a result. Unfortunately, the ability to receive such signals declines too with aging.

Collagen production will hence decline, forming wrinkles and creases. The skin also begins sagging. More stimulation is thus needed in order to make the body produce enough collagen. This explains why peptides are incorporated in most lotions and skin creams. They’re able to penetrate through the skin, acting as stimulants that increase collagen production.

Peptides are also largely considered by athletes and the body building community. This is mostly due to their anabolic effect on the athlete’s muscle mass. Any athlete would need quick healing, being able to be productive quite soon after the injury.

Peptides aid the muscle or soft tissue in the rebuilding healing process. Various supplements providing an anabolic effect are also during the pre-season, as well as periods where the building of muscle mass is crucial.

Peptides can be of ultimate benefit to anyone seeking maximum fitness and proper recovery. They can also enable one to absorb more bio-available amino acids, delivering them more quickly to the cells after workouts. In fact, they’re among the latest innovations in revolutionary anti-aging formulations.

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